The Razzies: Best Of The Worst Or Too Predictable?

Razzie voters ganged up on Will and Jaden Smith, naming them worst actor, worst supporting actor and worst combo.
Posted at 6:01 PM, Mar 02, 2014

The 34th annual Golden Raspberry Awards celebrated the best of 2013's worst films Saturday night. So, whose acting skills were picked apart and dishonored with the unwanted award?

How about this cutie? Aw! Look at that little face. Oh wait, wrong Jaden Smith movie. (Via Columbia Pictures / "The Pursuit of Happiness")

The 15 year old was given the worst acting award for his role in "After Earth." But, as always, daddio was right by the teen's side. (Via Columbia Pictures / "After Earth")  

Will Smith, who was also in "After Earth," got worst supporting actor. (Via U.S. Navy

The duo also... uh, won worst screen combo. Oh come on, they're like the cutest little look-a-likes ever. 

Well, the movie did receive an 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Yeah... 

But regardless, Jaden doesn't seem fazed by the knock to his acting skills ... not a word about the Razzies from him. (Via Twitter / @OfficialJaden

Welp, moving on. "Movie 43," starring Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone and Kate Winslet, was also honored with the golden raspberry. (Via Relativity Media / "Movie 43")

The movie snagged worst picture. All thirteen of its directors collectively earned the worst director Razzie and the 19 screenwriters got worst screenplay. 

Perhaps the least surprising winner was Kim Kardashian for her small role in Tyler Perry's "Temptation." (Via Lionsgate / "Temptation")

Yeah, we all remember the reviews after the movie was released early last year and honestly, critics got pretty mean. (Via Perez Hilton, The Wrap, Hollywood Life)

And lastly, box office flop "The Lone Ranger" took home worst prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel. (Via Walt Disney Studios / "The Lone Ranger")

But after 34 years of the notoriously satiric award ceremony, some people are just plain fed up. (Via YouTube / Razziechannel

The Telegraph's Robbie Collin dedicated an entire article to why he hates the Razzies. His reasons? The award show's seemingly obvious targets.  "Adam Sandler, for example, is a Razzies mainstay ... The joke, which doesn’t amount to much more than an annual 'Hello, we still think Adam Sandler is terrible', has become as numbing as anything in Sandler’s own films, the ongoing box-office success of which even a hundred Razzies wouldn’t be able to dent."

But we should note, uncharacteristically, Adam Sandler himself escaped the wrath of the raspberry this year, although his film "Grown Ups 2" did receive eight nominations. (Via Columbia Pictures / "Grown Ups 2")

Colin also notes the show seems to gang up on acting newcomers. Aside from Jaden and Kim, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez were nominated. (Via Wikimedia Commons / MSFTS / Eva Rinaldi / Jimmy Johansson / Toglenn

It also sort of takes away from the validity of the Razzie when "Anyone Can Be a Voting Razzie Member" for, of course, a small membership fee. (Via The Razzies

But all complaints aside, Sky News makes this point... 

"I don't think the Razzies are particularly malicious, it's not particularly nasty. It's kind of fun ... You've got to get in the spirit of those things." 

True that. After all there can't be winners without losers, right?