The Next 'Star Wars' Star Found in England? 

Open auditions for the new
Posted at 10:30 AM, Nov 11, 2013

Will a Brit star in the new "Star Wars" movies? It wouldn't be the first time.

Sir Alec Guiness, anyone? Over the weekend, the first of many open auditions for "Star Wars" in England. (Via Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Hopefuls lined up for hours in the cold, wet weather with hopes of filling two parts — a male and female role.  And some got lucky. (Via ITV)

"I'm blessed. I've been told to keep it quiet, but I've got a callback later."

"Congratulations! Potentially the new star of 'Star Wars' right here."

"Yeah maybe."

Auditioners simply came in for meet-and-greets at first — asked just two or three quick questions, like what their favorite "Star Wars" movie is. If they got callbacks, they were given lines to learn and told to return. (Via The Guardian)

But many were sent home before they even got the chance to say hello — more people than expected showed up to auditions in Bristol, and were sent packing before auditions even began. (Via BBC)

There were two days of auditions in Bristol. Auditions will also take place in Glasgow, Dublin, London and Manchester throughout November. 

The "Star Wars" franchise actually has a history of casting relative unknowns. The first movies made big names out of Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. (Via YouTube)

Auditions are also underway stateside. Hundreds lined up in St. Louis Sunday. (ViaKMOX)

They'll be held in Chicago later this week, and will also reportedly take place in Austin and Nashville. The parts up for grabs are that of a teenage girl and a man in his early 20s. "Star Wars: Episode VII" will hit theaters in December 2015.