Riot Erupts Outside NJ Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar Concert

A riot erupted outside a Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Sunday night.
Posted at 3:27 AM, Jun 08, 2015

A riot erupted outside of a concert at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey Sunday night after people reportedly tried to enter the sold out Hot 97 Summer Jam concert illegally.  

According to a statement on the New Jersey State Police Facebook page, people were trying to climb over fences and force their way through security.

As tension mounted, concertgoers started throwing bottles at officers in the parking lot. In response, state police shot several rounds of tear gas into the crowd. 

An armored police vehicle was brought to the scene in order to sound an ear-piercing alarm with the hopes of dispersing the huge crowd. 

One witness told the Asbury Park Press that a fight apparently broke out inside the venue saying, "I never experienced anything like that -- I thought somebody might've had a gun."

The fight began around 7 p.m. local time, according to APP, and wasn't brought under control for another three hours. (Video via WABC)

The concert inside the stadium, which featured performers Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar, continued despite the riots. 

Police have not reported the exact number of people who've been arrested. (Video via WNBC)

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This video contains images from Getty Images and Instagram user chrisbrown.