Nicki Minaj Stole My Hair: Ex-Wig Stylist

Wig stylist Terrence Davidson is suing Nicki Minaj over claims she stole his wig designs to sell on her website and kept the profits for herself.
Posted at 2:22 PM, Feb 23, 2014

Nicki Minaj is the target of a recent lawsuit, but it's not any of her music that's gotten the rapper in trouble. Instead, it's her hair.

According to TMZ, her former hair stylist filed the suit Friday — claiming she stole his wig designs, marketed them as her own and is now selling them on her website, keeping the profits for herself.

Terrence Davidson worked for Minaj from 2010 until 2013 and designed the wigs that contributed to her rise to stardom. He says the singer told him any business venture with the wigs would be carried out as a partnership.

DAVIDSON: "I was crying about it because I don't know what to do. … I actually hand-made those wigs." (Via WSB-TV)

Davidson also says some of the wigs he created became part of the artist's iconic image, such as the ones seen in many of her music videos. (Via YouTube / NickiMinajAtVEVO)

The problem here is not just about wig designs. As a CNN legal expert points out, intellectual property rights come into play.

JOEY JACKSON: "If she's formed her image, her reputation, her likeness and everything else as a result of the good work that he's done, ... that leads to a larger issue about whether she should share in the proceeds." (Via CNN)

As Davidson's lawyer puts it: "On its face you might think, what this guy is suing over wigs ... But we really have to consider this in context. Hair is a multibillion-dollar industry​ ... This is about a brand that Terrence has built."​ Via CNN

The lawsuit also claims Minaj pushed him out of plans for a possible reality show because she says it would've ruined their partnership. (Via Fuse)

The suit is asking for a minimum of $30 million. Nicki Minaj and her representatives have not commented on the allegations.