Netflix Will Pay You to Watch Its Shows And Films

This is not a joke. Netflix is looking to hire another tagger to watch and tag its content before it’s released to the public.
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 07, 2014

Going to work on Monday is a struggle, mostly because you’d rather be home watching Netflix.

Well, you could do just that — and still get paid — if you landed this gig as a “tagger” with the company’s London-based team. (Via Netflix)

A tagger is someone who, according to Netflix, “analyz[es] films and TV programmes that will be streaming on Netflix in the future.” ​(Via Getty Images)

This is not a joke, you guys. Netflix is going to give one lucky — I mean, qualified — applicant the chance to watch new seasons of "House of Cards"  before the rest of us.

Oh, and the posting says you can work from home. Are we sure this isn’t a fake?

Well, after binging on "Orange is the New Black," the tagger does have some work to do. The company’s VP for Product Innovation tells Digital Spy:

"After they have finished watching the title, they will sit down for what usually takes less than an hour, to quickly browse through hundreds of tags and label the film."

These tags are then used in Netflix’s recommendation engine, which means: (Via Getty Images)

“Taggers are the bright sparks who help us make your Netflix personal.” (Via Netflix)

There are reportedly about 40 Netflix taggers worldwide, but this hire will be the first U.K.-based tagger.

And sorry, everyone else, but it sounds like Netflix wants to hire locally. A rep for the company told Metro, “Our UK or Irish tagger will [also] serve as a ‘cultural consultant’ to help ensure that our algorithms continue to produce highly personalized suggestions to all of our over 48 million members.”

You can apply for the opening on Netflix’s website. Although it doesn’t say it in the posting, the video identifies the job as “part time.” And that has us wondering...

If you watched Netflix for work, what would you do in your free time?