'Tetris' Is Headed To The Big Screen As An $80M Sci-Fi Thriller

Two film producers recently put $80 million in funding behind the video game franchise to make a "Tetris" movie that could be part of a trilogy.
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The game you probably played in 10-minute increments on your Nintendo Game Boy could soon become the movie nobody asked for.

Threshold Global Studios, the creation of Larry Kasanoff and Bruno Wu, has put $80 million into funding a "Tetris" movie — tentatively titled "Tetris the Movie." 

According to Deadline, the movie is likely to be more than rotating blocks and 8-bit music. Kasanoff told the outlet it'll be a sci-fi thriller and the first installment in a trilogy.

Kasanoff's name might sound familiar. He's the producer behind the 1995 "Mortal Kombat" and its 1997 sequel. 

Talk of a "Tetris" movie has been around since at least 2014, and Wu mentioned he was interested in a "Tetris" movie — and 440 other projects — back in November 2015

"Tetris" isn't the only video game into which filmmakers plan to breathe new life. Nintendo's president told a Japanese newspaper that the company plans to jump back to the big screen with possible animated films based on Super Mario or Link from "The Legend of Zelda."

As for "Tetris," Deadline reports the current plan is to begin filming with a Chinese cast in 2017. 

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