Lego Batman Is Reportedly Getting His Own Movie

Rumor has it Warner Bros. is putting "The Lego Movie" sequel on the back burner to begin work on "Lego Batman."
Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 10, 2014

It's no secret people loved "The Lego Movie."

After hitting theaters back in February it became hugely popular — bringing in more than $468 million worldwide.

It was alsoa major hit with both critics and audiences alike. 

And just a couple weeks after the movie's release, Warner Brothers had already announced plans for a sequel

But Friday, news began circulating that those plans have been halted in lieu of a movie for the caped crusader. 

"Crank up those subwoofers dude, and check this out." (Video via Warner Bros. Pictures / "The Lego Movie")

Oh yeah, "Lego Batman" the movie. Who's excited? A writer for The Hollywood Reporter, who first broke the news, is definately toward the top of the list.   

"Batman was one of the highlights of The Lego Movie, stealing every scene he was in. With Arnett taking Christian Bale's gravely voice to an extreme degree, the character was arrogant, dark, sarcastic and just too-cool-for-this-adventure."

And by the looks of it, that seems to be a shared sentiment. The Verge included added, "The decision to focus a movie on him seems like a pretty great idea. Plus, everyone already loves Batman."

There's been no official comment from Warner Brothers on the rumor, but the company is said to be fast tracking the production process, which will supposedly lead to a 2017 release. 

Chris McKay, who directed the original Lego movie and was set to direct the sequel, will now reportedly turn his attention to Batman. (Video via AMC Theaters

It's also reported the writer of parody novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," Seth Grahame-Smith, will be writing the Batman movie script.

There's also buzz about a possible Lego ninja movie with a Sept. 2016 release date. Looks like there will be no shortage of the walking, talking plastic block people anytime in the future.