Kim Kardashian Exposed Her Butt, And No One Even Mourned

The reality star exposed her entire butt in a new piece for Paper Magazine. With her most famous asset revealed, where can she go from here?
Posted at 4:39 PM, Nov 12, 2014

Kim Kardashian showed the world her bare bottom Tuesday night.

The famous booty, with nothing left to the imagination anymore.

Online media checked their boxes Wednesday morning: Fellow celeb response and backlash. Summaries of "best" memes and tweets.

Within mere hours we were well into "in-depth analysis" and "the thing no one's talking about but should be talking about about this thing everyone’s talking about!"

And as we rushed through Internet reaction, no one took the time to pause. To think. To remember.

It was only a year ago that Kim's bottom in a one-piece got reposted by 1 million people.

Just six months ago it made headlines for being masked in sand and thong.

As recently as September, we were satisfied with see-through. But as they say ...

"Life moves pretty fast."

And now that Kim has given us full butt, and the Internet has possibly "broken" — where can we all go from here?

We're sure she'll think of something.

And the Internet will too.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.