Justin Bieber Stumbles During Sobriety Test In New Video

New video released shows Justin Bieber in jail taking a sobriety test.
Posted at 5:48 PM, Feb 26, 2014

A new video featuring Justin Bieber was just released, but not by the pop star. You can thank the Miami Police Department for this cameo. 

Here it is — jail footage from the Biebs' January arrest on suspicion of DUI. He appears to stumble a bit as he tries to walk a straight line during a sobriety test. (Via Inside Edition

"Justin Bieber puts his hand on the counter, the officer frisks him. He take off his sweatshirt where he's wearing that tank top." (Via CNN)

The pat-down video surfaced last week. It's just a snippet of the more than 10 hours of video that became available to Florida media outlets Wednesday after its release to the defense team. 

But not all of that video is being so openly released to the public — particularly footage of Bieber taking a urine test that police say showed he was under the influence of pot and Xanax. (Via CNN)

Now, Bieber and his attorney reportedly did not want any of the video released, for obvious reasons. But when it comes to the whole peeing thing ... (Via New York Daily News

TMZ notes, it's not like we haven't seen it before. 

Ultimately, a judge will make the final call in March to decide whether the rest of the footage will be released. Bieber has pleaded not guilty on all charges and has refused to take a plea deal offered last week.