Judge Reverses Own Life-Support Order For Casey Kasem

A judge reversed his own ruling to keep radio legend Casey Kasem on life support. Now Kasem's daughter may choose whether to continue life support.
Posted at 11:47 AM, Jun 12, 2014

​The Kasem family feud continues. On Wednesday a judge in the Casey Kasem conservatorship case reversed his own ruling that would have allowed doctors to continue providing food, medication, and nourishment.

This leaves the decision of keeping the legendary DJ alive in the hands of his daughter, Kerri. (Via NBC)

“Casey Kasem's daughter isn't sure whether she's going to take her dad off life support. That is the word from her lawyer …  In 2007, Kasem legally gave his children the ability to make such medical decisions for him.” (Via HLN)

The judge, Daniel S. Murphy said he changed his mind after reviewing hospital records. Casey Kasem is under watch at St. Anthony’s hospital in Washington state battling advanced dementia. New York Daily News has the judge’s statement.

“It would be acutely harmful for Mr. Kasem to have nutrition and hydration restored at this time. This was at the advisement of doctors at St. Anthony’s.” (Via New York Daily News)

Kasem's daughter Kerri can now choose to have her father taken off feeding tubes. In a statement following the new decision, her lawyer said yesterday the ruling goes along with Kasem's wishes to die peacefully.  

However  KOMO reports Kasem’s wife, Jean, vehemently opposed the ruling. At her request, the same judge handed down a prior ruling Monday to keep the radio legend on life support. (Via Flickr / Alan Light)

ANCHOR: “Casey Kasem's wife stormed out of court. Kasem's wife Jean says the courts are killing her husband.

JEAN KASEM: “Today, the courts decided to kill my husband because of this psychotic judge, who was duped.” 

With the judge’s new order on Wednesday, the family waits for the daughter’s decision. CNN reports it’s likely Kerri will take her father off support — she’s done it before.

His infusions were already stopped once over the weekend by his daughter before his wife asked for the judge to order he be kept alive. 

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