Joe Dombrowski says his time as a teacher made him a better comedian

Dombrowski has a new stand-up special called "Don't Eat the Crayons" that is free to watch on YouTube.
Posted at 11:43 AM, Apr 02, 2024

Teacher-turned-comedian Joe Dombrowski is known for the viral videos of pranks he has played on his elementary school students, including making up words for a spelling test and convincing kids he was a mermaid. 

Dombrowski spent a decade teaching elementary school kids, simultaneously doing stand-up comedy. He told "Morning Rush" Hosts Alex Livingston and Rob Nelson that being a teacher made him a better comedian. 

“During the day I’m dealing with 5-year-olds who act like drunk adults and at night I’m dealing with drunk adults who act like 5-year-olds,” Dombrowski said. 

He said he found his niche in comedy when he started using inspiration from his experiences as a teacher. 

Dombrowski said one prank he wishes he could’ve done was to go under full prosthetic makeup and act like a substitute teacher for his students in disguise. 

He has a new stand-up special called “Don’t Eat the Crayons” that is free for anyone to watch on YouTube