Joan Rivers Autopsy Turns Focus Toward Her Doctors

The report says Joan Rivers died due to low blood oxygen levels during surgery. Now questions arise about whether the procedure was performed legally.
Posted at 6:54 PM, Oct 16, 2014

Joan Rivers' autopsy results have been released, and the report says she died due to low blood oxygen levels during a laryngoscopy and endoscopy. 

The New York City medical examiner called this a "predictable complication" of the procedures. It's this language that has once again led many to question the doctors who performed the procedures. 

Doctor to the stars Gwen Korovin has been identified by the media as the doctor who performed Rivers' laryngoscopy. 

CNN cites an anonymous source who says Rivers' health began to deteriorate during that procedure.

The source says during the laryngoscopy, Rivers' vocal cords began swelling, cutting off her air supply. Although none of these statements have been confirmed, they do seem consistent with her cause of death.

Some outlets have also reported Korovin wasn't certified with the Yorkville Endoscopy Center where the procedure took place, which would make her involvement illegal. The state health department has launched an investigation into the center. 

The autopsy also notes the drug propofol was used to sedate Rivers — that's the drug that killed Michael Jackson after he was administered a lethal dose. Some suspect the drug could have played a role in her death as well. 

The doctor who performed Rivers' endoscopy, Lawrence Cohen, stepped down as medical director of the endoscopy center following Rivers' death. 

The autopsy also states Rivers underwent the procedures because of vocal concerns and acid reflux. 

Rivers' daughter, Melissa Rivers, has said she plans to sue the center for negligence. 

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