'Hero Cat' Set To Throw Out First Pitch

After the video of a cat saving a little boy went viral, the famous feline, Tara, is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at a minor league game.
Posted at 7:47 PM, May 16, 2014

After more than 17 million views on YouTube and the international spotlight — it seems the country still can't get enough of Tara the heroic cat. 

Here's the video that made the feline famous. You can see Tara leap out to save her boy, 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, from a vicious dog attack. (Via YouTube / Rodger Triantafilo ) 

That video very quickly went viral — after all, cats are suppose to be scared of dogs, right? 

"Well, people think dogs are only loyal to their owners but cats can be incredibly loyal too and bonded. And clearly this cat was protecting its owner and probably protecting its territory too." (Via CBS)

So what's next for the furry favorite? Well, throwing the first pitch at a minor league baseball game, naturally. 

The Bakersfield Blaze — a Cincinnati Reds' affiliate — is letting out a steady stream of Tweets to keep fans up to date. (Via Twitter / @BakoBlaze)

"That's actually going to be Tuesday night and everyone is asked to bring animal supplies and they will be donated to the local cat people."(Via TMZ)

Well, obvious little Jeremy is feeling much better after getting a few stitches. But still, a cat throwing a baseball? We're scratching our heads on this one. 

"No word on how that's going to work." (Via News 12 Connecticut

"You had a good theory ... Yeah put the ball right in front of home plate, wrap a little yarn around and just say Tara push it across the plate. You know she's going to be throwing a strike." (Via KBAK)

That is one idea. But ultimately, ESPN might be onto something. 

"If Tara can figure out how to save a boy, someway or another this cat will figure out a way to get the ball from the pitchers mound to the home plate. Yeah, lets bring the little boy to the mound this year." 

Doesn't sound like a bad idea — but whichever it goes down we're sure it will be entertaining.