Emmys 2014: The Loopholes, Landscapes And, Of Course, Drama

This year's Emmy nominations are out. Find out who's leading, who pulled a little loophole action and who got wrapped up in the drama.
Posted at 1:42 PM, Jul 10, 2014

Emmy nominations are out — but what do they really mean? Here's the rundown.

"I am the king!"

First, the big guns. Or...swords. HBO's "Game of Thrones" leads with 19 nods. Netflix's "House of Cards" is close at its heels with more than a dozen.

Both are up for Best Drama, and "Cards'" Kevin Spacey got a nod for Best Actor in a Drama Series. (Via Netflix / 'House of Cards')

"We can be dangerous too."

The Los Angeles Times argues this makes the Drama Series category most exciting — especially with "Breaking Bad" also nominated.

The series has 16 noms after finishing its final season, meaning possible "overall good job" statues. (Via AMC / 'Breaking Bad')

Also in Cranston's category are Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey for HBO's "True Detective." That hit series and others are leading to some questions about categories.

"True Detective" is likely changing its cast and story every year, but is nominated as a series. 

Compare it to FX's "American Horror Story," which changes story but keeps much of its cast season to season. It's a miniseries.

Using different loopholes and qualifications, shows can play with where they're nominated. 

Newcomer "Fargo" is being praised for entering as a miniseries. It got nominated. (Via Variety)

Showtime's "Shameless" has been nommed under drama categories in the past. This year, submitted as a comedy, it was a no go.

Other notable snubs? "The Good Wife" didn't get much love, even with a highly praised season. "Masters of Sex"'s Michael Sheen didn't, well, score.

But what's most notable for a second year is the changing landscape of TV.

As The New York Times highlights, broadcasters didn't get much love at all, except in the comedy categories. 

It was HBO that dominated with 99 overall nominations this year. Ninety-nine noms.

And Netflix has 31. The streaming service more than doubled its noms in its second year at the Emmys thanks to "Orange Is The New Black" — scoring nominated as a comedy — and Ricky Gervais in "Derek."  

For comparison's sake, CBS lead the broadcasters with 47 nominations. The Emmys air August 25th on NBC with Seth Meyers hosting.