This Dog Got To Meet The Real-Life Version Of Its Favorite Santa Toy

Kya the shiba inu got to meet Santa Claus, and she couldn't have been more stoked.
Posted at 5:23 PM, Nov 28, 2016

This is Kya. She's a 1-year-old shiba inu, and she's super into her Santa Claus toy.

Kya's owners thought she'd love the chance to meet a real-live version of her favorite toy. They were right.

John Montaldo, who posted the photos of Kya to Twitter, told ABC the family bought the Santa toy from the dollar store when they first got Kya. The encounter with the live Santa was at a mall in Orlando, Florida.

Dogs finding life-size versions of their favorite toys is almost becoming a trend this year. Last month's viral video showing a dog's excitement when her owner dressed up as her favorite Gumby toy is well on its way to 10 million views.