Did AFL Players Fight Over Rihanna's Autograph?

Two Australian footballers from the same team fought outside an L.A. nightclub after one reportedly wanted Rihanna's autograph.
Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 30, 2013

​Two Australian Football League players from the same team got into a nasty brawl over the weekend — all reportedly over the opportunity to get Rihanna's autograph. Seems legit. 

And the whole thing was caught on camera. This video shows Gold Coast Suns players Campbell Brown and Steven May. Brown reportedly punched May in the face, fracturing his jaw. (Via 9 News Australia

May will need surgery, and Brown could be facing a forced early retirement. No other players are said to be involved. (Via Australian Football League

So where does Rihanna's signature come in? Well, it never actually did — as no one ended up seeing Rihanna, much less getting her autograph. See, the team was at an L.A. nightclub after training in Arizona. 

But they were asked to leave because Rihanna and her entourage were coming for a post-concert party. All the players decided to leave except for May, who supposedly wanted to try and catch the singer for an autograph. (Via ITV / "The X Factor UK")

But his teammates weren't having it. 9 News reports May verbally abused fellow player Josh Gibson, and Campbell Brown stepped in. 

Although there's video, what exactly happened is still being pieced together. (Via Deadspin)

In a statement, the Suns said, "The club is in the process of establishing exactly what happened and all other relevant facts, and is discussing the matter with the two players concerned who have since returned to the Gold Coast ahead of their teammates." (Via International Business Times)

This definitely isn't strike one for Brown, who is notorious for violent outbursts. (Via Sportal

"His 12-year-career has been lilted with on- and off-field indiscretions. The 30-year-old has been suspended for a total of 28 matches. … A post-season fight saw Brown end up in a Thailand lock-up." (Via Fox Sports

He was then dumped as the Suns' deputy vice captain. (Via News.com.au


As of now, he's suspended until round two of the next season for this:

"Brown, he's accidentally kicked his opponent in the face. Accidentally?" (Via Triple M

As for what's next, a spokesperson for the Gold Coast Suns only says they "are considering appropriate actions."