Chelsea Handler Slams E! Again, And It Feels Like Overkill

Chelsea Handler is slamming her former network E! again, saying she is smarter than her old show, "Chelsea Lately."
Posted at 2:18 PM, Feb 19, 2015

 No-holds-barred comedian Chelsea Handler is once again slamming her former home, the E! network. 

Handler's latest choice words: "At E! I did what I wanted, and I didn't listen to anybody because I didn't care what they had to say because I didn't respect their opinions." 

The comedian also says her show got dumbed down.

Handler ended her run on "Chelsea Lately" last August, and since then, she's been dissing the network left and right.

"So when everybody made a big deal and said, 'Oh, you're leaving,' I'm like, 'Yeah, I've always been planning on leaving.'"

Now, we all have frustrations at work, but this is starting to feel like overkill. E! is the network that really helped launch Handler.

Yes, she was doing stand-up and a few TV shows, but E! gave her a chance at late-night, and, by the way, gave a woman a chance at late-night, years ago, which other networks still aren't doing.

NBC and E! haven't responded to Handler's critiques.

Handler has a new deal for a show with Netflix, and she's been praising the streaming service for the freedom she's getting. But we're starting to wondering if all the talk about E! could be a red flag for Netflix. It's not incredibly unlikely, considering Handler is venturing into some new territory. 

Her new show will debut in 2016, along with four docu-comedy specials revolving around hot-topic issues with Handler at the helm. And she's said her new show will be much 'smarter' than her previous one, and compared it to the likes of "60 Minutes" and "The Daily Show."

Considering how well things are going for Handler, we're wondering if it might be time for the former late-night star to take her own advice.

"Whatever you're think of saying, cut it in half and don't say anything," Chelsea Handler said. 

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