New Netflix Guillermo Del Toro Horror Show, Just In Time For Halloween

If you’re looking for some Halloween horror, check out Guillermo del Toro’s “Cabinet of Curiosities.” The eight-part series is streaming on Netflix.
Netflix poster for "Cabinet of Curiosities"
Posted at 8:36 PM, Oct 26, 2022

Halloween is less than a week away and that means now is the perfect time to binge-watch some scary movies and shows!

If you've already watchedall the classics and your favorites, don't despair. Netflix is launching a brand new eight-episode horror anthology miniseriesthat is perfect for this time of year, Plus, you can start and finish it all before Halloween (or have a very scary Halloween night).

"Cabinet of Curiosities" is a four-day streaming event that features two episodes being released each day from Oct. 25-28. Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro acts as a guide, presenting each episode, which are all self-contained and unconnected. Del Toro is also executive producer, co-showrunner and writer for two of the episodes.

"With Cabinet of Curiosities, [the executive producers] and I — along with our curated team of writers and directors of each story — set out to showcase the realities existing outside of our normal world: whether they come from outer space, the underground, behind the closed door, or simply in our minds," del Toro told Netflixin a press release. "Each of the episodes has a whole world. They present you with different delights; some are savory, some are sweet. You get a surprise from each of the bites."

Amirpour ("A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night") and Catherine Hardwicke ("Twilight") are among the behind-the-scenes luminaries. Several stories are based on short pieces by H.P. Lovecraft and Michael Shea.

You'll also see familiar faces in front of the camera, including Rupert Grint of "Harry Potter," Crispin Glover of "Back to the Future," Peter Weller of "Robocop," Tim Blake Nelson of "Watchmen," Nia Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and Andrew Lincoln of "The Walking Dead."

The series is rated TV-MA, so you'll want to watch it after the kids have gone to bed. You can watch all eight episodes by Friday, Oct. 28.

If you don't have Netflix or pay for other streaming services, you canwatch horror shows and movies for free on a variety of apps.

Just some of the choices you'll find now through Halloween include “Evil Dead” and the entire “The Addams Family” series on Pluto TV, 1974's “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on Freevee and the original "It" miniseries from 1990 on TubiTV.

Will you be watching some scary programming this Halloween?