3 Incredibly Specific Ways To Celebrate Pi Day

It\'s Pi Day Friday! Newsy brings you three ways to celebrate Pi Day that are as unique, long and specific as the number itself.
Posted at 1:47 PM, Mar 14, 2014

Happy Friday and Pi Day! March 14 is the day to celebrate all that is the incredibly long, specific number of pi. And we're here with three ways to celebrate all that is 3.14.

No. 3: Eat pie. Eat pie three ways.

Specifically, buy this 37-ounce Sara Lee Oven Fresh Peach Pie at Kmart, these 6.7-ounce Edwards Singles Pecan Pie Slices at Target and this 6-ounce Nabisco Nilla Pie crust at Walmart.

You'll be eating three pie-related products from three stores, and altogether they weigh 49.7 ounces, which is 3.10625 pounds — which is about as close to eating 3.14 pounds of food as our mathematical skills will allow.

Now you're stuffed full of terrible food. So for No. 2, relax with some movies! Pi-related, of course. 

"Life of Pi" is a critically acclaimed visual masterpiece. After you watch the movie, you can also check out "Deconstructing Pie," which is about the process of creating those visual effects.

And then you can watch "Life After Pi," a short about Rhythm & Hues, the company that created those effects and then went under, which is really sad. But, you know, it comes full circle. Get it? Circle. Pi.

Altogether, you'll have watched 181 minutes of "Pi." Add seven minutes and 24 seconds for bathroom and popcorn breaks, and you'll have spent 3.14 hours with pi-related cinema.

And our No. 1 way to celebrate Pi Day ...

Watch these three parodies of Rebecca Black's "Friday" that are about Pi Day. Because it really is Pi Day Friday. (Via YouTube/  domborski221)

"It's Pi Day, Pi Day." (Via YouTube / AsianGlow)

"Gettin' wild on Pi Day." (Via YouTube / Olivia Strebe)

And maybe watch like 14 seconds of the real "Friday." Because somehow it never gets old. (Via YouTube / rebecca)

Those have been the three incredibly specific ways to celebrate Pi Day. Our .14? Look ahead to next year.

Because March 14, 2015 will be 3.14.15. That's even MORE PI. (Via Twitter / @NoodlesinCHI)

And you can never have too much pi.