NYC Condo To Hit The Market For Record-Breaking Price

The condo comes with a whopping $130 million price tag and will take up the top three floors of an Upper East Side high-rise.
Posted at 3:20 PM, Sep 24, 2014

If you were playing Monopoly, we're guessing this would be Boardwalk.

A new condo in Manhattan's Upper East Side is set to hit the market for the staggering price of $130 million.

AMY ROBACH FOR ABC: "For that price, you get three floors and 12,000 square feet."

If you're keeping track, that $130 million is a record price for an apartment listing in New York City.

And those 12,000 square feet — according to the Chicago Tribune — are more than four and half times the average size of a new home built in the U.S. Coincidentally, that average of 2,600 square feet per new home is also a record in itself. 

Back to that penthouse condo, though. It's set to be a triplex, taking up the top three floors of a new tower Zeckendorf Development Company is building on Park Avenue.  

And as Bloomberg reports, the building's other 30 offerings won't exactly be your college dorm room. Duplexes will cover around 9,000 square feet and start at $67 million, while single-floor units will take up about half that much space and start at $16.2 million.   

According to Realty Today, the previous NYC apartment record-holder was a $118.5 million offering of the top two floors of the Battery Park Ritz-Carlton. That was in June of this year.

If you want to go worldwide, though, both of those pale in comparison to the so-called "Sky Penthouse" being constructed in Monaco. It comes with 38,000 square feet and a water slide from the dance floor to the pool — because we all need one of those — with an asking price of $400 million.

As for our New York champion, construction is set to be finished in 2017, with sales starting in the first quarter of next year. We'll see how long it can hold onto that top price tag.

This video includes images from Rich Brooks / CC BY 2.0, ODEON / CC BY SA 3.0 and Zeckendorf Development LLC / Seventh Art.