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These are the best cities to find a new job

Looking for work? WalletHub just released a ranking of 180 cities for work, with Scottsdale, Arizona, topping the list.
A hiring sign is posted outside business in Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
Posted at 2:22 PM, Jan 04, 2024

If you are looking for a new job, there has generally been good news as the job market remains strong with unemployment remaining below 4% for nearly the last year.

But some cities simply have better opportunities than others. 

WaletHub ranked 180 U.S. cities using 31 metrics, including opportunities for job seekers, employment growth and average starting salary. Its data indicated that Scottsdale, Arizona, is the top city in the U.S. to find a job in 2024. 

Where is the worst city to find work? WalletHub says it's Newark, New Jersey. 

According to Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega, HonorHealth is the city's largest employer. With health care a major part of the city's economy, it makes sense why Scottsdale ranked No. 1. 

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care field is expected to have an average of 1.8 million openings per year through 2032. These jobs also pay well above average. The median annual wage for health care practitioners and technical occupations was $77,760 in May 2022, which was well above the median annual wage for all occupations of $46,310. 

But one drawback to moving to a place like Scottsdale could be the cost of housing. According to Redfin, the average house sale in Scottsdale went for $829,000 in November, while the average home in Newark sold for $460,000. 

"To increase geographic mobility, companies should consider paying for moving expenses, offering larger sign-on bonuses, and even paying for the sale and closing costs of their recruit’s home," said Ashley Hicks, director of employer recruitment and engagement with Northwestern University. "Additionally, offering a salary with a dollar-for-dollar (or close to it) cost-of-living differential would make more financial sense for job seekers."

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Still, experts believe 2024 will remain a strong year for the job market. 

"When the economy is strong, businesses feel more confident. They might hire more and find new talent," said Alper Kayaalp, assistant professor of industrial and organizational psychology with the University of Houston - Clear Lake. "Growing businesses could create more jobs. This could help job seekers find work and move up in their careers. But there might not be enough workers for some jobs. This could let job seekers ask for more pay and better benefits."

WalletHub listed these 10 cities as the best for job seekers in 2024:

1) Scottsdale, Arizona

2) Tampa, Florida

3) Salt Lake City

4) Columbia, Maryland

5) Austin, Texas

6) Atlanta

7) Seattle

8) Pittsburgh

9) Plano, Texas

10) Boston

These 10 cities were considered the worst for jobs:

1) Newark, New Jersey

2) Las Cruces, New Mexico

3) Gulfport, Mississippi

4) San Bernardino, California

5) Augusta, Georgia

6) Stockton, California

7) Bakersfield, California

8) Memphis, Tennessee

9) Columbus, Georgia

10) Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Go to WalletHub's website to see the full list.