JFK 'Big Things Happen Here' Tour Bus Criticized, Defended

A Dallas tour company decorated one of its buses with a picture of President John F. Kennedy and the slogan "Big Things Happen Here."
Posted at 1:31 PM, Sep 25, 2014

Is this tour bus offensive? Some say so — you can see here it's got a picture of President John F. Kennedy on it with the words "Big Things Happen Here" featured prominently next to it. (Photo Via Christopher Mosley)

Kennedy was of course shot and killed while driving through the streets of Dallas in November, 1963.

And Dallas City Tour is definitely capitalizing on that event. 

It offers a $30 JFK Tour Deluxe. According to its website, patrons get a tour of Lee Harvey Oswald's apartment and rooming house, get driven along the motorcade route JFK took when he was shot by Oswald, and get to watch footage of the assassination. 

After seeing pictures of the bus, people quickly took to social media to express their disdain. 

But, these tours must be quite popular. We found two other Dallas companies offering tours centered around the assassination. 

KXAS spoke to at least one person in Dallas who didn't have a problem with the bus.

TIMOTHY MOON VIA KXAS: "I can see how people could take that the wrong way. Um, I think those people should probably just relax."

WFAA spoke with the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau which owns the "Big Things Happen Here" slogan. In a statement, the bureau said: "Although we appreciate [the owner of Dallas City Tours']  enthusiasm for the Dallas brand and his service to tourists, he has been notified that he is not authorized to use the trademarked logo/brand/slogan."

The outlet also spoke with the owner of the company, who didn't want to speak on camera but said the bus didn't turn out quite how he'd intended.

MARIE SAAVEDRA FOR WFAA: "He tells us that the slogan 'Big Things Happen Here' was supposed to be on the other side of the bus, not near Kennedy's head. He regrets how it looks."

He's covering up the slogan for now.