Industry's Optimism Shines At New York Auto Show

After seeing auto sales grow last month, there's plenty for the industry to celebrate as it rolls out its newest designs.
Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 16, 2014

The 2014 New York Auto Show is one of the industry’s biggest opportunities to show off, and judging by Tuesday’s press preview, automakers definitely put their eye candy on display

Ford made a bold move in redesigning the top-selling car in the world with the 2015 Focus and celebrated a half-century of Mustangs by putting one on top of the Empire State Building

Jeep debuted its teeny, tiny Renegade SUV, and GM countered with the U.S. debut of its Chevy Trax. (Via Chrysler, General Motors)

And Land Rover went all Batman and made its Discovery Vision Concept SUV remote controlled.

Yep, there was a lot of enthusiasm on display, especially from gearheads.

"Rick, it is a paradise for you, I know."

"It really is." (Via Fox News)

And why not? The auto industry is still celebrating from last month’s sales numbers, so morale has got to be pretty high right now.

"Car buyers are really coming out in droves. March was actually a record month, with the bad weather." (Via CNBC)

"Luxury is alive and well. It’s recovered since the recession." (Via Fox Business)

This despite the fact that between GM and Toyota, more than 10 million cars have been recalled so far this year. (Via General Motors, Toyota)

More than 60 new designs are set to be unveiled throughout the event.

Call it rooting for the home team, but New York Daily News says that makes their city's auto show an even bigger deal than Detroit’s — despite the fact New Yorkers aren’t exactly a prime car-buying demographic.

It’s estimated more than a million people will swing by to get a look at the auto industry’s latest toys. The show opens to the public on Friday.