Google And Walmart Unite To Steal Amazon's Thunder

The two big-name companies are sharing resources to go after Amazon's hold on voice-activated shopping.
Posted at 5:53 PM, Aug 23, 2017

Walmart and Google are teaming up to create a voice-activated shopping network. Now where have we seen that tech before?

You guessed it. With its Alexa technology, Amazon let customers access its vast inventory of goods, just by talking.

Walmart's got the goods and Google's got the tech. Together, they figure they can profit in the future of shopping.

Starting in September, Walmart will become Google's largest provider of products online.

In return, Walmart shoppers can link their accounts to Google's voice-activated tech.

And by connecting those accounts, Walmart shoppers can take advantage of Google's artificial intelligence to get, as the companies claim, both personalized recommendations and quick re-orders of what they've bought in the past.

Walmart and Google's new venture comes as Amazon is actually looking into expanding via brick-and-mortar stores.