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United Airlines CEO's Promotion Isn't Going As Planned

United CEO Oscar Munoz agreed not to take his expected promotion as chairman after a passenger was dragged off one of the company's flights.
Posted at 9:23 AM, Apr 22, 2017

United CEO Oscar Munoz is not getting his expected promotion to chairman of the company board that runs the airline.

That company disclosed in Securities and Exchange Commission filings Friday that Munoz had agreed not to assume the role so he could "more exclusively focus on his role as chief executive officer."

The official announcement doesn't mention the United passenger forcibly removed from a flight, but the disastrous hit to the airline's public image probably played a big role.

Munoz, who initially blamed the passenger for the incident, has since apologized and tweaked his company's policies for overbooked flights.

The airline is still dealing with the fallout from the incident. It recently missed an unofficial deadline to provide Congress with more information about the forced removal.