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Uber Won't Track You Anymore When You're Not Using The App

Uber is rolling back a feature that let the app track users for up to five minutes after a trip ended.
Posted at 10:54 AM, Aug 29, 2017

Uber is getting rid of a controversial tracking feature on its app. 

In November, Uber updated its app and gave users two choices: They could share their location at all times or not at all. If a user chose to not share their location, they'd have to manually enter pickup and drop-off locations.

But if a person opted to share their location, the Uber app could track them for up to five minutes after a trip ended, even when the app was no longer in use.

Before the change, users could choose to share their location only when the app was open. The updated feature was criticized as a threat to personal privacy. 

Now it appears the company is reverting back to its old ways. Uber will roll out an update this week that lets users enable location tracking only when they're using the app.

The app change comes just two weeks after Uber settled a Federal Trade Commission complaint. The FTC alleged Uber didn't reasonably secure user personal data as it promised to, or monitor how much access employees had to that information.

Uber also picked a new CEO Sunday after Travis Kalanick stepped down over scrutiny for the way he ran the company.