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Ikea's Notoriously Hard-To-Assemble Furniture Is About To Get Easier

Ikea is reportedly planning to roll out furniture that snaps together so it's easier to assemble.
Posted at 3:23 PM, Mar 08, 2017

Ikea is apparently going to start rolling out furniture that won't make you retreat into a pit of despair while trying to assemble it.

The Swedish company's products are notoriously difficult to put together — experts have even done studies on why building a piece of Ikea furniture can cause arguments between couples.

But some of that strife may soon disappear; the home decor giant is introducing the "wedge dowel" to some of its furniture lines, and it requires almost no effort to put together.

The wedge dowel works by carving fitted grooves and holes into the individual parts of a wooden piece of furniture. Then those grooves snap together.

The joints can be reassembled several times without wearing down.

The first products with versions of the wedge rolled out in 2014 in the Stockholm cabinet series and Regissör storage products.

But a spokesman for the company told Dezeen Magazine that Ikea is going to add the feature to even more of its products — starting with the Lisabo table, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Some models will still reportedly have to be assembled the old-fashioned way, but according to the company, "Big furniture products are going to be clicked together."