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The Winner Of The Thursday Night Football Bidding War Is ...

Amazon reportedly paid five times the amount to own the rights than Twitter paid in 2016.
Posted at 4:21 PM, Apr 05, 2017

The NFL's bidding war for Thursday Night Football is over, and the winner is ... Amazon Prime.

The online-retail-giant-turned-streaming-service won the rights to broadcast the games for the 2017-2018 season. 

Amazon beat out Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube for the livestream.

The NFL can be pretty stingy about how and where its games are broadcast — so much so, we can't even use game footage in this video.

Amazon is reportedly paying around $50 million for the games. That's five times more than Twitter paid last year for the same thing.

Of course, Prime isn't the only place people can watch the games. They'll still air live on network television on either CBS or NBC.

But for cord-cutters, streaming games on Prime is likely very welcome news.