Biggest Toy Industry Event Focused On Interactive Products This Year

Many products at this year's Sweet Suite were focused on enhancing children's cognitive skills.
Posted at 8:41 PM, Jul 13, 2022

Sweet Suite is any kid's dream: toys of all kinds, sizes and purposes are all in one room, with the event serving to highlight the country's newest creations for kids. 

Attendees, including influencers — the people that can make or break a toy — are getting a closer look at the coolest new toys, collectibles and video games.

This year, there is a hyperfocus on the virtual and educational experiences. Many toy makers were inspired by the state of play.

"The pandemic had a huge effect on the toy industry in the way that people play," said Ali Mierzejewski, editor-in-chief at The Toy Insider.

This year, there are more interactive toys, which could serve as a learning experience for the kids.

Mile Rizkalla has been in the toy industry for over 20 years and has kids of his own. His latest invention, Snorble, aims to help kids sleep.  

"We brought the anime character to life in order to inspire the minds of children with the focus of giving them things that will better their lives," Rizkalla said.

"Social and emotion learning — it’s a huge trend in the toy industry, especially after the pandemic," Mierzejewski said. "We’re all stressed out and kids are stressed out too, and they need to recognize their emotions, calm themselves."

Snorble and other products will be available during the holiday season.