Apple Pay Launch Rumored For Next Weekend

A leaked memo to Walgreens employees implies the retailer will be implementing Apple Pay starting Saturday.
Posted at 7:40 PM, Oct 12, 2014

A leaked memo suggests Apple Pay could be coming to at least one retailer within the week. 

MacRumors obtained an internal memo to Walgreens employees that says Apple's new payment feature will go live in its stores Saturday, Oct. 18.

Apple Pay is only available to people with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It essentially allows the phone to act as a credit card when making payments at retail stores.

Launching a major service like this on a weekend seems a bit unusual for the tech company.

But PC Magazine brings up a good point that Saturday is the ideal day of the week to catch the most shoppers in stores. So a Saturday launch does make a lot of sense for the mobile payment system.

McDonalds, Staples, and Subway are among some of the other companies said to be on board with Apple Pay but it's still not clear when it will be officially introduced at their locations. 

Banks are expected to hop on Apple's mobile payment system as well.

But so far USAA is the only one to give a specific timetable on when that could actually happen. One of its execs told The Daily Dot it will start supporting Apple Pay Nov. 7.

It's been speculated that Apple CEO Tim Cook will reveal more details on Apple Pay and its expected launch at an Apple event on Oct. 16. 

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