US man held after disappearance of estranged wife while they were in Spain

The FBI and Spanish police indicated they have video evidence implicating the Florida business owner as possibly being connected to a crime.
A poster of missing American woman Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, 40, on a streetlight in Madrid, Spain.
Posted at 7:21 PM, May 08, 2024

The FBI says there is evidence that a U.S. businessman is involved in the mysterious disappearance of his estranged wife while they were both in Spain.

Missing person fliers were seen posted around Madrid, Spain after 40-year-old Ana Maria Knezevich Henao disappeared from an apartment in the capital city according to Spanish and U.S. investigators. Court documents revealed that law enforcement investigating her disappearance believe her estranged husband David Knezevich has similar characteristics to a male seen in security camera footage spray-painting a CCTV camera lens while wearing a motorcycle helmet. The FBI filed a criminal complaint related to David Knezevich's alleged appearance in the CCTV footage.

The Miami Herald reported that the man in the video was seen at around 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 carrying a suitcase.
The Spanish paper El Pais said Knezevich was listed as the prime suspect in the disappearance of the American citizen. The couple were reportedly in the middle of a divorce with millions of dollars at stake. Knezevich was arrested at Miami International Airport. He is from Serbia, while his former partner Knezevich Henao is an American citizen who was born in Colombia. Both lived in the Miami area where their businesses were based, according to reports.

As The Associated Press reported, after Knezevic Henao disappeared weeks ago — just after her security camera was disabled — two friends said they received text messages in English and Spanish from her phone stating she had decided to leave town for a few days with a man she had just met.

Her friend Sanna Rameau told the AP, "She wouldn't do this ... it is very unsafe and crazy behavior. She wouldn't do that. She wouldn't do that." She said of the texts, “It just didn’t make sense."

David and Anna were married 13 years ago and run EOX Technology Solutions Inc., a company that does computer support for businesses. The AP reported that according to records, the couple own multiple properties, and one of them is under foreclosure.

Spanish authorities said they were working with Serbian authorities to investigate the Colombian American woman's disappearance, the Miami Herald reported. David Knezevich was still being held at a federal detention center in downtown Miami after his arrest, according to the Herald.