Syrian Cease-Fire Breaks Down After Attack On U.N. Convoy

​A United Nations aid convoy in Homs, Syria came under attack Saturday while trying to evacuate civilians and deliver aid.
Posted at 8:25 AM, Feb 09, 2014

​A United Nations aid convoy in Syria trying to rescue civilians came under attack Saturday. 

The gunfire and mortar attack in the city of Homs killed as many as five people, and reportedly left U.N. and Syrian aid workers trapped for hours. (Via YouTube / yousuf916)

The rebels and Syrian authorities blamed each other for the attack. The violence comes amid what was supposed to be day two of a three day cease fire. (Via BBC

The truce, allowing humanitarian access into the city, was the only real success to come out of the the recent peace negotiations between the government of Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces . (Via U.S. State Department

For more than a year, forces loyal to President Assad have kept food and medical supplies from reaching rebel-held parts of Homs (Via ITN

The aid convoy was supposed to evacuate the civilians, including women and children, and deliver much needed food and medicine to those choosing to stay. (Via YouTube / SHAAM SNN )

After this latest round of violence, the U.N. team says it won't abandon it's mission of getting aid into the city and rescuing civilians, though its unclear what will happen next. 

The news comes not long after the Syrian government missed its deadline to hand over some of its most dangerous toxins as part of an agreement to eliminate the country’s chemical weapons stockpile. (Via The Guardian

The Syrian government said the delay was due to security concerns. Both the government and rebel forces are due to meet again in Geneva Monday for another round of talks.