Top 3 Animals Acting Like Humans

There were a few animals acting sort of like humans this week — including a herd of cattle listening to Lorde and a dog running for public office.
Posted at 7:18 PM, Aug 06, 2014

​This week we've noticed animals doing some pretty silly things. Almost like they're trying to act like humans. Yep, we've rounded up for you animals posing for selfies, listening to music and running for public office — seriously.

First, we have a toucan in Brazil that just really wanted to have its picture taken. In this surveillance video found onYouTube, you can see the toucan fly up to a traffic camera and strike a few poses.

OK, so maybe it was trying to eat the camera. But either way, the little guy's pretty darn cute. 

Of course, the media had a lot of fun with this story. Our favorite pun is probably this "toucan play that game" headline from the Daily Mail. Yep, it went there.

With its white body and colorful beak, the bird in the video is a toco toucan — like the one seen in this photo

National Geographic says these birds, which have 7.5-inch beaks, make their homes in the tropical forests of South America. So no one seems to know why our posing bird ended up near a busy road in Sao Paulo.

However it got there, we'd really like to meet that bird. We may or may not need a little help with our selfie posing, and the bird looks like a natural.

Next up is a whole herd of cows that apparently really like to listen to trombone music. 

​Now if you couldn't place the tune, you might be surprised to learn the farmer, Derek Klingenberg, was playing "Royals" by Lorde. It was a hit on the Billboard charts, and now it seems it's also a hit with farm animals. 

And "Good Morning America" anchor Dan Harris told us this isn't the first video Klingenberg's made that's gotten attention.

"He makes a lot of these sort of agriculturally themed comedy videos, including a cow twerking clip — which, shockingly, does not have as many views as the trombone one does."

We're not sure how you get a cow to pull a Miley Cyrus, but if you're interested, head on over to Klingenberg's YouTube channel to check out more of his videos. 

​And finally, as this local paper is reporting, the election for Whatcom County prosecutor in Washington state is going to be an interesting one. 

HEATHER NAUERT, FOX NEWS ANCHOR"Nine-month-old Tibetan terrier Nyima is actually a write-in candidate there."

So Nyima is running against the current prosecutor, who has run unopposed for the past 10 terms. KOMO spoke with Nyima's owner, Frank James, over the phone about why he decided to have his pet run. 

​"My dog's a lot better looking than I am. He is charming, he is honest, he's got a lot of character and features that I think we'd like to see in politicians."

Obviously, Nyima can't actually win the election because he's not a human and not a lawyer, but James told ABC it's all just for fun. "It's time for other people to think about running."

We bet Nyima's campaign posters are pretty cute and hey, maybe he'll even get a few votes. Thanks for watching Newsy's top three animal videos; check back next week for more "top three" fun. 

This video includes an image from Angie & Chris Pye / CC BY NC SA 2.0