The United Nations Kicks Off The Most Intimidating Job Interview Ever

After presenting a 10-minute vision message, candidates will have a two-hour period to answer questions.
Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 12, 2016

"It is indeed an enormous pleasure and privilege to address you today as we begin with this new approach of selecting the secretary-general of the United Nations. Today, together, we are pathfinders," Igor Luksic said.

On Tuesday, the United Nations bucked a 70-year tradition

Rather than letting the 15-member Security Council choose a new secretary-general, the U.N. held open interviews. Kind of. 

"First, why am I here as a candidate? I believe I am an extremely privileged man. God has given me the opportunity to access a wide range of opportunities difficult to match, but that creates an obligation for public service," António Guterres said.

Over the next three days, eight contestants will make their case for winning the role in front of the U.N. General Assembly. And in front of the entire world: This process is being live streamed. No pressure.

"All that we need today is new confidence to live together and respect one another," Irina Bokova said.

After delivering a 10-minute "vision" for the U.N., candidates will face a round of questions from member states. Reminder: There are 193 member states.

Then questions from the president of the General Assembly.

Then questions from the general public submitted through social media. Again, no pressure.

The process is set to wrap up Thursday.