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International Criminal Court Says It's Eyeing Venezuelan Government

This step, called a preliminary examination, is not yet a full-fledged investigation into possible wrongdoings.
Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 08, 2018

The International Criminal Court opened a preliminary examination into the Venezuelan government and how it handled political unrest going back to at least April 2017.

Venezuela's economy is failing; the country defaulted on its massive debt, and basic necessities like food and medicine are scarce. But socialist President Nicolás Maduro has cracked down on both opposition politicians and civilian demonstrators. 

More than 120 people have died in the unrest since last spring. Maduro also took steps to consolidate his own power. 

The court made clear this wasn't an outright investigation, just going over information and evidence. 

The Trump administration and the European Union have recently imposed sanctions against Venezuela and its leaders. The United Nations accused authorities of using excessive force. 

Venezuela's attorney general called the court's information "biased."