Snowden, Aliens, Obama, Hitler And A Gullible News Agency

Iran\'s partly-government-run news agency Fars says leaked Snowden documents prove aliens dominate Western politics.
Posted at 10:59 PM, Jan 14, 2014

​We’re getting to a point where really nothing revealed about U.S. spying practices shocks us anymore. Except this. This is insane.

Iran’s state news agency, Fars, reports documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal an alien race has dominated Western politics for decades — and, according to Fars, even placed Adolf Hitler in power before World War II. I mean, just look at that Photoshop work.

The Fars report from Iran essentially plagiarized the story from this English-language conspiracy site, which calls the extraterrestrial race of world leaders the “Tall Whites.” (Via

The Tall Whites … of which Barack Obama is apparently a member. Making sense yet? (Via The White House / Pete Souza)

Anyway, Snowden’s leaks were pretty wide-ranging, we’ll admit, but not this wide-ranging. (Via The Guardian)

And that has Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who published Snowden’s revelations, poking fun. He Tweeted Tuesday: “It was the story I was working on next. I was scooped and I’m not happy about it. #AlienHitlerLink”

But the American press, from both the left and right, was pretty happy about all this. It turns out, mocking Iran’s hilariously misinformed news agency is a truly bipartisan American pastime. (Via The Huffington Post, The Blaze)

But Fars shouldn’t feel all that bad. This is only half as entertaining as the time China’s People’s Daily thought The Onion was real and had really named Kim Jong Un its Sexiest Man Alive. (Via Yahoo!)