Police: Suspect In Canadian Manhunt Caught

Police now have shooting suspect 24-year-old Justin Bourque in custody after searching for him for more than 24 hours.
Posted at 8:45 AM, Jun 06, 2014

A frantic manhunt in Canada has finally come to an end. 

Police confirmed shooting suspect Justin Bourque was arrested Friday morning after more than 24 hours of searching. (Via YouTube / RadioCanadaInfo / Wade Perry)

CBC spoke with the woman whose yard Bourque was found in. 

"They were screaming for about five minutes and they had their guns loaded and then eventually 5 minutes later, Justin came out with his hands up and he yelled 'I'm done!'"

The police tweeted out residents could leave their homes shortly after Bourque was caught. (Via Twitter / @RCMPNB)

"This is a terrible loss and a tragedy for the families and for all of us here in the city of Moncton." (Via The Star)

Since the beginning hours of the manhunt, several outlets like ABC reported three officers dead and two injured. It appears no one else was hurt after the first round of violence, and the two injured officers will recover.

One of those officers has now been identified by the National Post as 31-year-old Constable Dave Ross – a father and husband, with a new baby on the way.

A man who is Facebook friends with Bourque has been vocal since everything started. His latest post tries to explain why he has been receiving so many friends requests, saying:

"I don't know what cause[d] him to snap but we've had nothing but good times with him he shouldn't have killed those cops. That's all I'm saying ..." (Via Facebook / Cameron Keeping)

The Guardian notes the entire escapade came as a jolt to Canadians, noting, "The attack on the Mounties was the deadliest in nearly a decade and shocked many in Canada, where mass shootings are rare."

Police have not identified a motive for the shooting, but it's been noted Bourque's Facebook was filled with anti-gun control messages.