Museum Patrons Think Ikea Print Is Worth Thousands

Pranksters in the Netherlands tricked museum patrons into thinking an Ikea painting was worth a lot more than it actually was.
Posted at 1:10 PM, Mar 20, 2015

If you saw a painting in a museum, you'd probably think it was worth quite a bit of money, right? Well, that might not always be the case.

LifeHunters, a viral video production team, planted a painting in a Dutch museum and told patrons it was made by Swedish artist Ike Andrews. 

"It looks interesting."

"It's modern. It's shocking."

"The constructiveness of things on top of each other, inside each other."

"It's a depiction of the chaos in his mind."

People were totally enthralled with the painting. And you won't believe what some thought it was worth.

"I think over a thousand."

"You don't buy this in a cheap store."

"200,000 euros."

"600,000 euros."

"If you could buy this for 2.5 million euros, I'd do it."

Turns out, the painting is actually a mass-produced print from Swedish furniture company Ikea

So all those people who thought artist Ike Andrews was real? Well, let's just say the pranksters took some inspiration from the company's name. 

Unfortunately, the print is no longer sold on Ikea's website, but Time says it only cost $10

So maybe the Ikea artist should start charging a bit more for his or her work. Apparently, there's at least one person willing to pay 2.5 million euros for it.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.