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Chemical Weapons May Have Been Used In Syria — Again

The northern Syrian city of Saraqib has been attacked with chemical weapons in the past, including one instance where sarin may have been used.
Posted at 8:18 PM, Aug 02, 2016

These are some of the victims from a suspected chlorine gas attack in Syria. 

Syria Civil Defense volunteers say a helicopter dropped cylinders on the northern city of Saraqib. They suspect the cylinders contained chlorine gas.

Reports on the exact number of victims range from 28 to 33

Chlorine gas was first used during World War I. Using any chemical as a weapon is banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria signed onto in 2013.

Earlier in the day, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter was downed near Saraqib. All 5 on board were killed.

Russia denies there was any gas attack.

This wouldn't be the first time a chemical weapon was suspected of being used in Saraqib, either.

The United Nations investigated a chemical weapon attack in the city in 2013. While it couldn't be determined who was behind it, the investigation pointed to the use of Sarin.

Several chlorine attacks were reported last year in May, April and June.

The Syrian American Medical Society has documented 161 chemical weapon attacks in Syria since the start of the conflict. 

This video includes clips from Syria Civil DefenseFilmmedia CorpBaladi News NetworkBBC and Sham News Network and images from Getty Images, Syria Civil Defense and United Nations. Music courtesy of APM.