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Ashraf Ghani Speaks For First Time Since Fleeing Country

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani denied rumors he avoided a peaceful transition with the Taliban.
Posted at 10:57 AM, Aug 19, 2021

In his first video since fleeing Afghanistan.. 

The nation's former President.. Ashraf Ghani denied rumors he avoided a peaceful transition with the Taliban. 

He says he fled to avoid being lynched...  

And has every intention of returning to his homeland. 

"I am grateful for the security and defense forces. They have not been defeated." said Ashraf Ghani "This was a failure from the top leadership of the Taliban, from our government and our international colleagues. This failure was the peace process, which changed to fighting. " 

Ghani isn't the only one blaming the fall of Afghanistan on the political elite. 

The backlash against President Joe Biden's withdrawal is still going strong this morning..  

But... he's standing firm.  

And he defended his decision on ABC last night in an exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos. 

"So you don't think this could have been handled, this exit could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes?" said George Stephanopoulos.                                           

"No, I I I don't think it could have been handled in a way that, we're gonna go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow, there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don't know how that happens. I don't know how that happens." He said

"So for you, that was always priced into the decision?"