London At Risk As Britain Suffers Historic Flooding

Thousands of homes are flooded or without power as even more rain adds to an already dismal situation along the River Thames.
Posted at 8:07 PM, Feb 15, 2014

Britain is enduring historic levels of flooding — not helped by the fact that last month was England's wettest January in 250 years.

According to the BBC, more than 1,000 homes have flooded just in the past two weeks. And the storms have cost the United Kingdom about $1 billion USD in damages.

Friday, Princes William and Harry joined relief efforts west of London. Though they weren't terribly happy to see press there. 

REPORTER: "Harry, are you enjoying getting stuck in?"

PRINCE HARRY: "Not really with you guys around."

PRINCE WILLIAM: "Well, you could come and help instead of hauling cameras about." (Via ITV)

As of yet, the nation's capital city has escaped the brunt of flooding. This barrier is the only thing keeping the Thames from bursting into central London and flooding sites like Westminster Hall and the London Eye. (Via Sky News)

The flooding has also created something of a crisis of confidence in government for many in the U.K. Polls show strong disapproval for Prime Minister David Cameron's handling of the severe weather.

The latest Opinium / Observer poll shows 51 percent of respondents do not approve of the prime minister's performance lately. Less than half that, 21 percent, do approve. (Via The Guardian)

Another notable stat from that poll: more than twice as many of those surveyed said the flooding is a result of climate change than those who said it's not.