IMF And World Bank Reconsidering Meetings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Meetings for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank may be scaled back or held virtually to reduce the potential spread of coronavirus.
Posted at 8:59 AM, Feb 27, 2020

The Spring Meetings scheduled for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are being reconsidered as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.

The meetings are slated to be held in Washington, D.C., April 17-19 and would bring together around 10,000 government officials and other attendees from all over the world. 

According to Reuters, the two institutions are working to determine whether it would be safer to scale back the number of meetings or hold them via teleconference to reduce the potential spread of the virus. 

Officials with the International Monetary Fund say they are keeping a close eye on the virus. Especially in light of data indicating that global economic growth will be about a tenth of a percentage point lower than projected because of the impact of the virus.

No final decisions have been made on how the meetings will proceed.