Forget Werewolves; There's A Tyrannosaurus Rex In London

People were a bit surprised when they saw a life-like dinosaur being transported through London.
Posted at 1:03 PM, Jun 02, 2015

Get ready to be transported back to the Cretaceous Period because a dinosaur was transported through the streets of London. (Video via Universal Pictures / "Jurassic World")

It didn't go quite like that because this dinosaur wasn't alive, but it did look like something from the set of an expensive dino movie.

Not surprisingly, it was a PR stunt, and a good one, too, because it definitely got people's attention

"What would you do if you saw that?" ABC anchor Amy Robach asked.

"Run away," co-anchor George Stephanopoulos said. 

Well, Amy, we'd probably pee our pants — if we're being honest.

National Geographic was behind the stunt, which was a promotion for the channel's special "Dino Autopsy." A team will dissect a lifelike 40-foot tyrannosaurus rex that was built for the show. And it's all in the name of science — to answer viewers' questions about the extinct predator.

The press release actually calls it "the world's first full-size anatomically correct Tyrannosaurus Rex."

The show is likely playing off excitement over the upcoming film "Jurassic World." In fact, an ad that plays before the behind-the-scenes video of the autopsy is for "Jurassic World." 

"Where do we start?" said one person dissecting the dinosaur.

"We're going to get dirty. This, right here, that's what we have to cut," said another person.

"I've never been covered with this much filth in my life," a third person said.

That's a surprisingly gross and realistic replica of a T. rex. 

Mirror Online says the model has scented, well, "waste" made from porridge and about 34 gallons of fake blood to make it all seem authentic.

Don't believe it. We think what they're not telling us is that they actually found a real dinosaur and dissected it for the world to see. Bet they've found aliens, too. 

"Dino Autopsy" will premiere on the National Geographic channel Sunday.

This video includes an image from Twitter / @Shakacarnage.