The Ukrainian army is now training in the UK

A trench warfare section of the course was added in as the Russian advance stalled, and trenches became part of the conflict.
Posted at 9:06 PM, Feb 21, 2023

"Relevant and realistic" is how the British Army describes training, as they do all they can to get Ukrainian recruits ready for the front line. 

A trench warfare section of their training course was added in as the Russian advance stalled, and trenches became part of the conflict. 

Corporal Carter is one of more than a thousand members of the British Army helping with the training. The latest batch of recruits he’s working with are halfway through their intensive five-week course. They arrive as civilians — and they leave as soldiers. 

"Train hard to fight easy" is the motto around there. 

And nobody is under any illusions about what’s at stake and the absolute need to be combat ready. 

"From where they’ve started to where they are now they’ve come leaps and bounds," said Corporal Carter, of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. "I’ve got no doubt in my mind that when they leave here, they’ll be good to go. We’re teaching them the basics to be a frontline soldier to give them the ability to survive, and win. It’s inspiring for me as well, because they’ve come from Ukraine to here, and in such a short time to be able to push off and do what they’re going to do is unreal. To me, I’ve got much admiration for them as well."

Ukrainians adjust to US life, a year into war

Ukrainians adjust to US life, a year into war

Mariia Holovan now proudly calls Winterville, North Carolina home, but says she wants to return to Ukraine some day.


Much older than those normally entering the army, the majority of these recruits are soldiers of necessity. 

From a diverse range of backgrounds, they’re united by their nationality and a desire to protect their homeland. 

Artem is from Odessa. The southern Ukrainian city was bombed on the first day of the Russian invasion. Since then, dozens there have died, the youngest a three-month-old girl. 

Artem used to work for a company dealing with supplies and logistics, but he’s now learning how to survive on the battlefield. 

"No one knows where we’ll be sent, but we are all ready to go. No matter where that is. To the south of Ukraine, or East. We’ll be there to liberate our country, it’s our purpose," Artem said. 

More than half a dozen countries are involved in this training program. 

While some nations are holding back their military aid or training to Ukraine, the UK and partner nations here are doubling down. They’ve already trained 10,000 Ukrainian recruits, and want to train another 20,000 by the end of the year.

Some of the fiercest fighting since the invasion began is now taking place in Eastern Ukraine. 

In just a few weeks, these recruits have gone from civilians to soldiers  and could soon be on the front line.