Russia Lost Its Spot On The Human Rights Council

Hungary and Croatia beat out Russia for a seat on the council.
Posted at 5:52 PM, Oct 28, 2016

Russia's ongoing military campaign in Syria might have just cost it a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Moscow lost its bid for a second term on the council to Hungary and Croatia.

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Human rights activists say Russia's support for the Syrian regime should disqualify the country from sitting on the council.

Syria's government has been accused of indiscriminately bombing civilians throughout the nearly six-year conflict.

Russia's U.N. ambassador Vitaly Churkin downplayed the failed bid, noting Hungary and Croatia were "not as exposed to the winds of international diplomacy" as Russia.

Saudi Arabia did win a seat on the council despite facing similar outcry over its involvement in Yemen. But since it was running unopposed in its region, a Saudi seat on the council was virtually guaranteed.