Violence Erupts At Paris Protest Against Proposed Security Bill

Authorities said a group known as "Black Bloc" set fire to cars, threw objects at police and trashed businesses in protest of increased surveillance.
Posted at 11:52 AM, Dec 06, 2020

Protests in Paris turned violent Saturday as anarchists rioted in protest against a proposed French security measure that would increase public surveillance.

Authorities said a group known as "Black Bloc" infiltrated the protest — setting fire to cars, throwing objects at police and trashing businesses. 

The group joined thousands of people demonstrating peacefully across France — protesting against the proposed French law, which would also restrict sharing images of police on social media.

The law-and-order bill was penned by President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the 2022 election but has turned into a flash point with racial overtones. 

The French government said it needs to better protect themselves but critics say the laws will make it harder to hold police accountable for brutality. After initial pushback, Macron said he would rewrite the legislation but many are still furious at what they see as a government attempt to limit liberty.

French officials said over 52,000 people protested around France, with 64 being arrested.