Former CEO Is Helping Animals Impacted By The War In Ukraine

Nate Mook was the former CEO of World Central Kitchen. Now he is advocating for and taking care of animals stranded by the war in Ukraine.
Posted at 8:51 PM, Oct 29, 2022

As war rages on in Ukraine, civilians forced to flee their homes are prompting a different kind of collateral damage. Their animals and pets.

With their owners unable to bring them along, they've been left to roam the streets in search of food, and a way to survive.

But one man who set off to the war-torn country to help support refugees and humanitarian projects, has now found himself setting up feeding stations for animals.

His name is Nate Mook, former CEO of World Central Kitchen.

Mook joined Newsy to share with us a little bit more about this operation and what a typical day looks like for them while in Ukraine.