Finland To Offer Moms And Dads The Same Amount Of Paid Parental Leave

Under a new plan, couples would be allowed to take up to 14 months of paid leave between them.
Posted at 6:01 PM, Feb 05, 2020

Finland's federal government announced a plan Wednesday to grant all parents equal amounts of paid parental time off from work.

Finland's social affairs minister said the country will extend paternal leave for fathers to nearly seven months, which will match what mothers are offered under new proposed guidelines.

She said, "The reform will be a major change in attitudes, as it will improve equality between parents and make the lives of diverse families easier."

Under the plan, parents would be allowed to take their leaves at separate times, giving them a combined total of about 14 months off. Parents could also transfer up to 69 days to their partners, if they wish. Single parents would be allowed the same 14 months that two parents would. In addition, women would be allowed to use up to a month of paid leave leading up to their baby's expected birth date. 

The changes could be introduced as early as next year.

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