Russia Distances Itself From Europe As Syrian Unrest Grows

Russian warships canceled a planned refuel at a Spanish port after NATO pressured Spain over concerns the ships would attack Syrians.
Posted at 9:35 PM, Oct 26, 2016

The divide between Russia and the rest of Europe, spurred by the Syrian civil war, appears to be growing deeper. 

Three Russian warships reportedly canceled a planned refueling stop at a Spanish port as they made their way toward the Middle East.

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NATO put Spain under immense pressure to not allow the stop. The secretary-general of the alliance said he was concerned the warships might be used to attack Syrian civilians.

But Russia denied the refuel was ever going to happen, saying the vessels have plenty of fuel for the entire voyage. The Spanish foreign ministry said the ships pulled out after Spain wanted to make sure they wouldn't attack Aleppo.

Spain has let dozens of Russian ships refuel in that port over the past few years, but criticism of the practice is rising, and it's uncertain whether Spain will let it continue.