Doctors Without Borders Just Created The Ultimate Rescue Unit

The unit was used in Mosul, Iraq, and more units are being developed for other areas.
Posted at 3:13 PM, Jul 11, 2017

These trailers let medics in conflict areas perform surgery and then drive to the next person in need.

Doctors Without Borders developed the trailer set. It doesn't require wounded patients to travel far. Accessibility and temperature control make it more sanitary than some current options.

Doctors Without Borders says the unit can provide supplies for 100 surgeries.

The unit has five trailers that can be hauled by truck. Those include an operating theater, a recovery intensive care unit, a sterilization room and stock areas.

Some communities in need of aid can be hard to reach or are cut off by the government.

Currently, there's only one trailer unit like this, which was used in Mosul, Iraq. But the group plans to develop others that would work elsewhere.